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Ethical Shelling: A Harmony Between Art and Nature

In the world of art, it’s essential to find inspiration from the beauty of nature while also respecting its delicate balance. I take pride in my commitment to ethical shelling. As this is a practice that allows me to incorporate real shells into my mixed media artwork while preserving the environment. So, in my journey of shelling I always make sure that I never take live shells. Join me and my passion for the sea, sand, sun and shells, and explore the artistry that emerges from this unique harmony.

My love for the ocean is deeply ingrained in my artistic journey. So, with every brushstroke and shell placement, I am paying homage to the captivating beauty and vastness of the sea. But I also recognize the importance of sustainability and ethical practices in the art world. I believe in responsibly sourcing shells, ensuring that they are collected without harm to the marine ecosystem.

Each shell used in my artwork carries its own story, whispering tales of distant shores and the ever-changing tides. From delicate seashells to fine or harsh sand, I carefully selects each element to harmonize with my artistic vision. The shells become an integral part of my mixed media creations. Therefore these element add depth, texture, and a touch of the sea’s essence.

By incorporating real shells into my artwork, I seek to create a profound connection between viewers and the natural world. As you gaze upon my piece, you can almost hear the sound of crashing waves, feel the warmth of the sun, and sense the vastness of the ocean. And this is such a nice reminder of the beauty that surrounds us and the need to protect and cherish our environment.

At Art for Soul by Monica, ethical shelling is not just a practice but a philosophy that infuses every creation. art piece. By choosing art that embraces sustainability and respect for nature, you not only bring beauty into your life but also support a conscious artist who believes in the power of art to inspire change.


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