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Size: 40×30 cm.

Mixed media including real Anadara shells and liquid gilding leaf.

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Nautilus evokes the graceful spiral of the marine mollusc. Therfore, the real anadara shells are placed in an arrangement to form the intricate chambers of the nautilus shell. As the gilded accents catch the light, casting a warm, luminous glow that highlights the nautilus’ natural beauty. So the liquid gilding leaf adds an element of luxury and sophistication.

As I have always been fascinated by the nature shapes and sequences, Nautilus is an wonderful example. The spiral-shaped shell of the Nautilus displays a logarithmic spiral. In other words, this is a shape frequently found in nature, including in flower petals and hurricanes, that closely aligns with the Fibonacci sequence. Similarly, the proportions of the chambers in the Nautilus shell correspond to the Fibonacci numbers, with each chamber’s size being a multiple of the previous one.

This natural arrangement follows the Fibonacci sequence, highlighting the intricate connection between mathematics and the organic world.

Nautilus is a visual ode to the sea’s marvels, a testament to the artistry found in the depths of the ocean.


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Dimensions 40 × 50 × 10 cm


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