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Pink Butterfly


Size: 70×50 cm.

Mixed media on canvas, watercolours, liquid silver paint and pebbles.

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Pink Butterfly is a delicate 70×50 cm canvas, captivating a dreamy butterfly. Against a backdrop of soft pastels, this mixed media masterpiece evokes the ethereal beauty of a butterfly in flight.

Therefore, I am using a harmonious blend of mixed media, watercolours and liquid silver paint. In fact, this artwork is a tribute to the delicate hues of pink. Do pink butterflies exist? Probably not, but this does not stop me from dreaming.

As can be seen, to add a touch of sophistication, delicate streaks of liquid silver paint weave through the composition, catching the light and casting a subtle, shimmering glow.

Pink ButterflyPink Butterfly

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 80 × 10 cm


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